CASPA for Advisors and Pre-PA Students

What Is CASPA?

Since 2001, PAEA has offered the Centralized Application Service for PAs (CASPA). CASPA provides a simplified online process for applying to multiple PA programs.

Applicants complete a single application and submit it, with corresponding materials, to the central service. CASPA verifies the application for accuracy, calculates the applicant’s overall GPA, and sends the application to the applicant’s designated programs. The majority of PA programs participate in the CASPA system.

Benefits to applicants

  • Accessibility. There is dedicated customer service support during normal business hours and 24-hour online access to verify and track the status of your application
  • Cost-Effectiveness. You only have to submit a single set of transcripts and letters of recommendation.
  • Efficiency. You enter all basic information once and can apply to multiple programs with a single application.
  • Simplicity. You update your contact information and program designations through a secure online website.

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Current CASPA Applicants

For help with questions about your existing application, visit the applicant help center or contact the CASPA customer service team.